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Jamie Aucoin

Connecting IT Pros

Goal: Make it easier for IT pros to connect with each other during in-person events using the Spiceworks mobile app.

Tools: Sketch, Principle, Invision

The mobile app development team approached me with an idea to add profile QR codes to the Spiceworks app so that users' could find each other more easily within the forums. With our annual SpiceWorld conference coming up soon, they wanted to get the feature implemented in time to use it for the conference since there would be many IT pros connecting during the event.


  • Implementing a QR code that could be scanned through the app or via a third-party scanner app and would still take you to the users' profile either in the app (if you have it installed) or through the web browser.
  • Making the feature intuitive to find and use.
  • Short timeline for design and implementation.

The team's intitial idea was to have a screen with both your profile QR code showing and the code scanner showing so that you could do either from the same view.

After spending some time discussing the various possibilities we landed on adding an icon in the profile view of the app that would lead the user to a screen with their own profile QR code on it with a button that would lead to an in-app code scanner.

During exploration of how some other apps have handled this type of feature in the past and what would work best for our users, I decided that a better implementation would be to move the "edit profile picture" function (rarely used feature in the app) to a tap on your avatar and replace it with the QR code function.

Profile ViewLeft: Iinitial idea for how to implement the QR code function into the profile UI.
Right: My proposal for how to implement the QR code function into the profile UI.

After running into a few technical difficulties during development that we felt were important to resolve before releasing the feature, we held off on releasing the feature in time for the conference, giving us more time. The mobile team was able to demo the feature during their product workshop at the conference and the response from the IT pros was very positive, with many asking for a timeline for release so they could use it during their next SpiceCorps meetup.

Interaction with the FeatureProfile QR Code Interaction


This feature was released into both iOS and Android versions of the Spiceworks app.

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