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Jamie Aucoin

Make SpiceCorps Meetings Better

Goal: Improve the experience for IT pros learning about their local SpiceCorps meetups and the RSVP process.

Tools: Sketch, Invision

This project was initially proposed to update the UI of the page to follow the current Community Toolkit. However, during discussions with the main stakeholder and Community PM we discovered a few pain points for users' that we could address during the course of this project.

Outdated Page Template

The SpiceCorps page template being used was legacy and not very flexible. We opted to create a custom page template to suit the needs of the SpiceCorps as well as be flexible enough to make additional changes in the future.

After consulting with the PM and ad revenue teams we decided to remove the ad spots, the goal of these pages was to bring users' into their local meetups and that was a priority over monetizing the page.

We removed the page container (white box over grey background) to lighten the page and move it towards conventions we're using elsewhere in the site. We also updated the template to work with our current Community UI Toolkit, making it easier to push updates to the UI.

Current SpiceCorps Meeting PageLeft: Current Meeting Page
Right: Updated Meeting Page

Streamline the RSVP & Replies Process

The existing RSVP form on the page was clunky and outdated. It had a separate replies system that posted your reply during RSVP next to your name in the RSVP list rather than in the main replies thread. We learned from some of the SpiceCorps Leaders (those who organize the meetup) the separate replies systems made it difficult for them to see what people were saying about the meetup, and for some groups the main conversation would seem like partial conversations due to some users' replying the RSVP replies of others. Quite a confusing experience for users' who were newer to their local meetup.

We opted to combine the RSVP replies and main replies system so that any reply wouldn't get lost on the page and would keep the discussion together and active.

Current SpiceCorps Meeting Page with RepliesCurrent SpiceCorps Meeting Page with Replies

The updated replies section of the page shows each users' RSVP along with any reply they may have left during the process. Making it easier to see when a member submits their RSVP along with being able to better reply to them.

We updated the RSVP flow to keep the user focused on the RSVP task by triggering a modal when you select your RSVP option, leading to fewer dropoffs during the process.

Updated SpiceCorps Meeting Page UIUpdated SpiceCorps Meeting Page UI

Updated RSVP Flow


After releasing the updated SpiceCorps meeting page experience, SpiceLeaders saw an increase in RSVPs to meet-ups as well as increased engagement on the meeting pages. Double thumbs-up!

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